90s Beats

I was born in the 90s. I love Nickelodeon and neon colours and always will. When I go out these days, I also love to socialise, dance, and maybe even listen to good music. If I am lucky. Unfortunately there is a 60% chance I would rather punch myself in the face than listen to the music they play at clubs today. “Hip-Hop Nights” have turned into a mix of new Jay-Z and old Ja Rule (both of which are fine, but where is the actual hip hop?) I would like to educate you with some 90’s beats, courtesy of Non-Chalant. (Think Lil Kim if she had more soul and less ostentatious swag-ILY Kim).

Also, an extra little gift is my personal favourite, Das Efex, one of my favourite 90s hip hop groups who were so clever with their word play and you can’t deny the amount of VIBIN’ you do when you hit play. Oh I know you’ll enjoy this. x


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