De la BOMB!

A naturally sexy woman is an effortless woman. It doesn’t matter how much effort she takes in fixing herself before she steps out the door, its just that je ne sais quoi that some women have. Its not the slutty makeup or the clothing a woman wears, but how she carries herself, her attitude, and her mindset. The sexy woman just oozes sexiness without realising it, or is totally aware of it and just can’t help it. The sexiest woman of 2012 for me this year, and for many years counting, is none other than the beautiful Josephine de la Baume, wife of the illustrious DJ and all-around dope boi fresh, Mark Ronson.

Josephine de la Baume is an actress, a musician (in a band she formed with her younger brother called Singtank) mad clever, and freaking beautiful.

She starred in the tongue-in-cheek Agent Provocateur campaign without trying hard at all. She pretended to chill in her apartment wearing flawless £300 lingerie, cleaning her house, watching tv, all filmed by a grainy camera from the creeper neighbor across the road. Such a memorable ad campaign concept.

Females like Josephine don’t rely on trends in order to get dressed in the morning. Her beautiful body is a feminine shape and not the bony size zero prototype we all love to hate and hate to love. (Cough-Victorias Secret) And she is not afraid of showing it off in numerous photo shoots for magazines like Love and Purple Fashion

For real, I have seen this girl in person and I doubt she cares about looking at a mirror twice before fleeing the house.

This woman is self-styled to her own shape, vibe, and lifestyle… and style is something you have or you don’t… something that people  (unfortunately) cannot buy or find in magazines.

Now lets give it up for the sensual bombshell that is Josephine de la Baume… (NSFW)





Check her out in all her live webcam-ish glory in this steamy video






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